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Low-Fat or Low-Carbohydrate Diet: What’s Best for Your Heart?

By T. Jared Bunch, MD

Published Sep 4, 2014

Recently I met with a patient who was in his early thirties. He had been treated for high blood pressure for almost a decade. He came to me because he was in atrial fibrillation and felt short of breath and noticed his heart was racing.

We talked about his abnormal heart rhythm and that he was developing diseases that we typically see in older adults. I asked if his family also had abnormal heart rhythms or problems with their blood pressure. He said yes, but with each generation the problems were coming earlier. When I asked him why he thought this was happening, he said that everybody in his family struggles to maintain their weight and he was the biggest of all.

He also said, “I am going to start on a diet and exercise.”

His wife said, “I am going to write that down and hold you to it.”

He then said, “I am committed. What diet is the best for me?”

Are YOU committed to YOUR health and wellness?  If so … GREAT!  If NOT … WHY?

What is getting in your way of being the best you can be for whatever time you have on this earth?