Time Flies



I don’t know where the time goes … I get to thinking I’ve got it under control and then I look at my blog and find I haven’t written in 2 months!  It FEELS like just yesterday that I was so engrossed in the Simvastatin series that I can hardly believe I’m in my 4th month of recovery from that nightmare.  I’m still having days of a very achy left leg BUT nothing even remotely like the pain that had me immobile last spring.

Three of my friends (ages 65-92) have heeded my suggestion to research, talk to MDs, and participate in their health treatments.  They bombard me with “thank you” every time I see them.  I say “To God be the glory and for the dizzy spells specifically.”

As for me, I’m still praying my muscle damage isn’t permanent because although I am walking without pain, my leg still does not have the flexibility and/or function it once had prior to Simvastatin.

So back to how time flies …. I can’t decide if I am better with a paper or electronic calendar …. I just seem to miss so many activities in life, spend too much time being a lug on the sofa with my cat in my lap, and just generally waste time thinking about how I should write a post and then …. oh, I’ll write it later and later doesn’t happen because I didn’t MAKE it happen!

Does anybody else struggle with time management like I do, and what helps YOU?  I am asking for ideas!