Pondering 2016



As I give thought to what I want to continue to pursue in 2016 and what I might want to do differently, this question comes to mind:


What am I doing that has an eternal value ….. will be part of my legacy and/or contribution to this world I live in and my loved ones with whom I choose to share my life …..


Is most of what I spin my wheels on and am doing “good for nothing”?


What about YOU?  Would LUV to hear thoughts on this question.

And Happy New Year to everybody and thanks for liking, sharing, and encouraging this blog!




Promises OR Resolutions OR Goals?




Most of us think about how we want the new year to better either physically, emotionally, and or financially.  We want happiness, health, and prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones.  We want to be better at what we do and achieve.  That’s all normal stuff!

Most of us generalize those resolutions though instead of making specific goals.  We promise to lose weight, but unless we have a starting point and specific number in mind we set ourselves up for an unclear expectation and regardless of how much we might lose, we could be disappointed. We might vow to be a better spouse but without defining which behaviors have to change … well what makes a better spouse?  Get the point?

We set or choose our goals based on various factors simply because we are all different, and that’s a VERY good thing, isn’t it?  HA HA!  I set my big goals based on two factors: 1. I must feel like it is a Holy Spirit driven goal HE wants me to fulfill; and 2. The goal and purpose must be congruent with God’s Word.  A big goal is something like “I’m going to finish writing my first best-selling book.”   Also, it’s a reasonable goal because I am the only person in control of whether or not I complete it.  Small goals just for fun are kinda different.  “THIS year I’m definitely going to sort my recipes and cookbooks by organizing and getting rid of those I KNOW I won’t use!”

What about YOU … How do you go about deciding what you want to change in your life whether you call it a promise, a resolution, or a goal?

OH!  And Happy New Year to you ALL!