As I reflect on this holiday season and the upcoming new year, I can’t help but to also review this past year.  Not in a sense of ruminating there; just asking myself what could I have done differently.

I had a most challenging year because of that fall I took last February that took me a good 7-8 months to recover from probably because of my age.  Same for a broken finger and injured hand ….. three times as long to heal as a young person.   So I didn’t do a lot of what I wanted to do this year.

When I ponder this photo, I think that if I could accomplish number 1, number 5 will be the natural and logical consequence.  Number 1 will require tremendous courage on my part ….. courage and faith believing I would be doing what I’m supposed to do …… perhaps even following a preordained path for my life ….. ?!?

What are YOUR thoughts about how this photo strikes you?

When will you start to live differently?


Pondering 2016



As I give thought to what I want to continue to pursue in 2016 and what I might want to do differently, this question comes to mind:


What am I doing that has an eternal value ….. will be part of my legacy and/or contribution to this world I live in and my loved ones with whom I choose to share my life …..


Is most of what I spin my wheels on and am doing “good for nothing”?


What about YOU?  Would LUV to hear thoughts on this question.

And Happy New Year to everybody and thanks for liking, sharing, and encouraging this blog!