Accepting Myself



We are who we are and we must learn to accept that!    We vary in body frame sizes, body weight, and body shape.  Oh don’t misunderstand … I am NOT suggesting that we merely sit back and sigh with “I can’t help it ….  this is who I am.”  NOPE!  We must do the best we can to be the best we can be.

My point is that I cannot change my genetic inclinations, but I might control how I look and feel somewhat by taking responsibility for my eating and exercise habits.  Now I love cookies so much so that I claim ownership to the cookie monster title!  I have had to learn self-control by telling myself it’s OK to eat 3 cookies and not the entire batch.  The same goes for vanilla cakes …. it’s OK to eat half of a tiny slice and save the second half for tomorrow.  OH let’s laugh about my chip cravings every now and then …. a plateful vs. the entire bag …. ?!?!?  HA HA!  I’ve had to learn to say NO to these temptations before me every day and yes, I can do it with presence, awareness, and determination.  As a matter of fact, I have an affirmation sign on the wall just in front of my desk that reads “Just because it’s here doesn’t’ meant I have to eat it!”

I’m convinced that if I do my best, my body will be at it’s appropriate size and condition for ME, and I must not compare myself to my skinny friends.  Are you with me as well at this point in YOUR life?

Size 14




I heard on GMA this morning that 67% of American women are a size 14, and not long ago we heard about how size 14 is considered a PLUS size.  Personally, I don’t qualify a 14 as fat, but as having been there I always thought I could stand to lose a few.  My friends said I was a bit chubby and not fat.  Is that denial?  Complacency?  Or is the entire size concept over-rated?

Promises OR Resolutions OR Goals?




Most of us think about how we want the new year to better either physically, emotionally, and or financially.  We want happiness, health, and prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones.  We want to be better at what we do and achieve.  That’s all normal stuff!

Most of us generalize those resolutions though instead of making specific goals.  We promise to lose weight, but unless we have a starting point and specific number in mind we set ourselves up for an unclear expectation and regardless of how much we might lose, we could be disappointed. We might vow to be a better spouse but without defining which behaviors have to change … well what makes a better spouse?  Get the point?

We set or choose our goals based on various factors simply because we are all different, and that’s a VERY good thing, isn’t it?  HA HA!  I set my big goals based on two factors: 1. I must feel like it is a Holy Spirit driven goal HE wants me to fulfill; and 2. The goal and purpose must be congruent with God’s Word.  A big goal is something like “I’m going to finish writing my first best-selling book.”   Also, it’s a reasonable goal because I am the only person in control of whether or not I complete it.  Small goals just for fun are kinda different.  “THIS year I’m definitely going to sort my recipes and cookbooks by organizing and getting rid of those I KNOW I won’t use!”

What about YOU … How do you go about deciding what you want to change in your life whether you call it a promise, a resolution, or a goal?

OH!  And Happy New Year to you ALL!


2 + 2 = 4 pairs



“At a minimum, every runner should consider having at least two pairs of their main running shoes that they are actively using at one time and rotate different running shoes between workouts.

Wearing the same pair of shoes for each run does not allow the foam in your shoes ample time to decompress and return to it’s original state. Each foot strike places forces that are 1.5 to 3 times your body weight on the shoe.

By having more than one pair of shoes to rotate in your training you can then allow for maximum time for the foam to fully decompress over 24-48 hours between runs. If you are a twice a day runner, this is even more important as 12 hours or less is not sufficient for shoe recovery. Lots of running within a short period of time will wear your shoes down faster.”


I’ve got mine!  Do you?


Fresh is Best!



Oh yes!  Fresh organic veggies and herbs from our school garden today … tomorrow I’m gonna make a cucumber-dill sauce for grilled salmon.  I’m also thinking about using the eggplant and zucchini for a fresh pasta topping sautéed in olive oil of course.  These foods do not make me feel bloated and instead … So pleasantly satisfied.  Here’s the link for the sauce I want to try … Enjoy!…/grilled-salmon-with-creamy-cucumber-dill-salad






Another Labor Day Weekend Holiday



It was quite the BBQ weekend, wasn’t it?

I must say I DO LUV a  grilled medium-rare rib-eye OR a gourmet burger … both from Whole Foods of course because I think they just plain taste superior and after all … they are supposed to be high quality meats.  I mean geez … if I’m gonna insert it, then it should be the best, right?  Ha!  Problem is … and I bet this is true for most folks … the word “reasonable” in reference to portion size seems to go out the window on these weekends, doesn’t it?  I kinda wonder why and then again … I don’t CARE!  I gotta LIVE … right?  And anyway … haven’t I said that it’s good to shake up the intake every now and then?  Sure … so why do I feel regretful this morning?

Sales and Diets


This is a great article from INC magazine about how creating a sales business (like mine) and starting a new diet/lifestyle (like mine) are similar.

WOW … interesting connection and briefly … here’s a few BAD things we tell ourselves to set ourselves up for failure.

1.  I like the goal, but I won’t do the work. (Too much effort required maybe?)

2.  That won’t work.  (Knocking it before trying it.)

3.  I know what I’m doing.  (The know-it-all mentality.)

4.  This time it’s different.  (Good reasons to fall-off plan/program.)


It’s a good article … ENJOY!