Clothing Counts



Beyonce makes a great choice, wrap-style dresses are always slimming.  From:  Do your clothes make you look fat? How to look 10 pounds thinner by changing your clothes
BY CHARLA KRUPP DAILY NEWS WRITER Thursday, March 11, 2010, 2:52 AM


Hey, let’s face it:  Sometimes fat IS fat and sometimes fat is an illusion we create ourselves by our clothing.  Yes, that’s right … sometimes we sabotage our efforts to look slim by choosing the wrong clothes …. especially bras (for the ladies)  and pieces with just way too much fabric and / or patterns.

I went clothes shopping last night for my 2015 summer uniform …. that perfect little summer dress I can wear everywhere, look acceptable, and stay cool without looking frazzled by the heat.  I wanted a skirt to wear with cute little summer tops, but all I could find were long ones which covered the entire bottom half of my body (too hot) or flowing mid-length skirts with lots of fabric which made me look HUGE!  Watch out for loose and baggy clothing that while comfortable for certain are very unflattering for most of us.  Some dresses I tried on had large bold flowers across the bodice which made me look even more endowed than I am, and then those horizontal stripes … Yikes!

I was thrilled to be able to fit into a size M at this point in my life and especially after wearing XL for so long!  In the past year not only have I lost weight, but I’ve apparently lost inches as well in spite of my mobility issues for the past several months.  If I can do it, so can YOU!  Ask me how!




Here I am again and when I arrive … Sometimes I FREEZE in my momentum.

AND when THAT happens, forget everything because discouragement sets in and I have to make appointments with myself to set myself straight!  HaHa!

Who relates?




Skipping Breakfast

If you skip breakfast thinking that if you eat less you will lose weight, you could be in error. Missing that first meal of the day might actually contribute to weight GAIN because doing so can slow down your metabolism.