SO Much Better


And ready for some summer fun!


In some ways in regards to my struggles with Simvastatin, I feel like I’ve been to hell and back. I look back and in retrospect I wonder why I didn’t take myself to the ER on more than one occasion.  I know I always worry about how much medical care is going to cost because even with decent insurance, the patient responsibility is high because of outrageous medical and hospital charges. I’ve learned a good lesson and that is to always take charge of my health by doing research and not stopping until I get answers and results.  I care more about me than my physicians do at any given time.

Anyway … I’m feeling great today.  I haven’t needed to take anything for any tightness or pain in 7 days and don’t expect to any time soon!  So I’m looking forward to some summer fun, and it seems fun is falling my way!  I almost don’t know how to deal with it, and that makes me chuckle … It’s been so long that having fun is like a new gig for me, and I have a lot to relearn.

I’m happy!