Short Lesson on CoQ10



Did YOU know that there are two types of CoQ10s available on the market:

Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol

The latter is the one recommended for more efficient absorption in the body, and 50-200 mg / day is recommended based on your body’s need.  For example, my body is trying to REPAIR muscle damage from a statin drug, and so I want to take 200 mg / day.  Don’t just believe me …. Do your own research and talk to your physician.  Be your own best health advocate!

Heres a starting point:

“What happens when you stop taking the drug (statin)?
Based on studies of actual muscle biopsies, muscles do not uniformly recover on their own. They need help. First and foremost, they need more coenzyme-Q10. Taking CoQ10 as a supplement will help reverse statin-induced mitochondrial damage. It also helps regulate normal cellular respiration.
But as I’ve said before, buyer beware.
Look for a CoQ10 supplement that says Ubiquinol on the bottle. Your body absorbs this chemically reduced form much more easily. If the bottle says “Coenzyme Q10” or “CoQ10,” it’s probably Ubiquinone–the less well-absorbed chemical form. I recommend taking 200 mg of Ubiquinol daily with a meal as part of a statin recovery plan. (For everyone else, I recommend just 50 mg a day.)”