MS and CoQ10



Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease that damages the nerves in the spinal cord and brain, as well as the optic nerves. Sclerosis means scarring, and people with MS develop multiple areas of scar tissue in response to the nerve damage. Depending on where the damage occurs, symptoms may include problems with muscle control, balance, vision, or speech.  (From

For the past many months when I had excruciating leg pain and could not walk, I feared I had MS.  People on the street would stop and ask me if I did because of my limited mobility, and that’s why this topic is of interest to me now.  Here’s some research I did not know about that you might find interesting if you know anyone who struggles with MS.

“Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system that affects more women than men. It can be debilitating and difficult to diagnose, and fatigue and depression are among its many symptoms. New research shows that the common supplement CoQ10 can help reduce these symptoms.

Nutritional researchers compared the degree of fatigue and depression experienced in 48 MS patients who were given either CoQ10 or placebo. At the end of the study the researchers reported significant improvement in both fatigue and depression among the supplement takers. Among the placebo group…continue reading this week’s Health News You Can Use.”