How ‘can my weight be up 2 lbs. in just a few days?  I mean GEEZ … Turkey and/or beef sandwiches on gluten-free bread and salads all week … Oh wait … Could it be the White Chocolate Peppermint Bark cheesecake … NO because I made it last 4 days … UGH!  Do you think I’m fooling myself?  Can you relate?



Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I luv ya’ll so much I’m gifting you with a fave dessert recipe … In case you LUV pumpkin anything as much as I do and yet might also be tired of traditional pie by now … LOL. Enjoy your traditions on this glorious family day.







Changing It Up AGAIN



OK so here I go again … I’ve run into another plateau … UGH.  So THIS time I’m gonna switch to THIS workout schedule:

Walk-jog-run 2-2 1/2 miles 2 days … 1 mile the next … then a day off and repeat the sequence starting on the 5th day.

Additionally … 5 days a week I will do 3 weight-lifting exercises … and do abs daily for 5 days.  I figure that’s a minimum of 15 exercises per week and 30 sets.

This kinda sounds like a contract agreement, doesn’t it?

Let’s see what happens and you KNOW I will keep you posted!

Folks … don’t let yourselves develop diabetes if you can help it.

2 + 2 = 4 pairs



“At a minimum, every runner should consider having at least two pairs of their main running shoes that they are actively using at one time and rotate different running shoes between workouts.

Wearing the same pair of shoes for each run does not allow the foam in your shoes ample time to decompress and return to it’s original state. Each foot strike places forces that are 1.5 to 3 times your body weight on the shoe.

By having more than one pair of shoes to rotate in your training you can then allow for maximum time for the foam to fully decompress over 24-48 hours between runs. If you are a twice a day runner, this is even more important as 12 hours or less is not sufficient for shoe recovery. Lots of running within a short period of time will wear your shoes down faster.”


I’ve got mine!  Do you?


Fresh is Best!



Oh yes!  Fresh organic veggies and herbs from our school garden today … tomorrow I’m gonna make a cucumber-dill sauce for grilled salmon.  I’m also thinking about using the eggplant and zucchini for a fresh pasta topping sautéed in olive oil of course.  These foods do not make me feel bloated and instead … So pleasantly satisfied.  Here’s the link for the sauce I want to try … Enjoy!…/grilled-salmon-with-creamy-cucumber-dill-salad






Greek Festival


souflaki pastitsio dolmades loukoumades


Yep … these are just a FEW of the delicious foods I ate this weekend at the annual Greek Festival.  Every Greek Orthodox Church has a festival once a year, and ours rates amongst the top of the best or so I think!  I always try to enjoy the foods I don’t cook often and have fun fooling myself into believing I am eating my YiaYia’s cooking.  I’ve been doing these festivals since I was a very young girl growing up in Chicago and always told my friends that the calories don’t count if you are a Xeni.  Me, however … I won’t get on the scale for a few days at best!

The festival closed at 3:00 and I did not bring food home with me.  I actually felt hunger pangs around 6:00 … oh no … what am I going to do!?!?!  And then I started craving my VI Protein Crunch Cereal of all things.  So … I put together a nice bowl mixed with banana and chocolate coconut granola and voila … ahhhh … taste buds satisfied once again!

So until next year … STEEN IYIA MAS and OPA!


Salad In A Jar




1.Use a glass mason jar.

2. You must layer your salad in a specific order – dressing at the bottom, followed by veggies and other heavy foods and finish with the lettuce.

3. It’s not recommended to add the croutons to the jar as they may get soggy (keep in a separate plastic bag or container and add at the time of eating your salad)

4. Lettuce shouldn’t actually touch the dressing in the jar.

5. Heaviest foods at the bottom.

6. You want to pack the jar contents in tight so that there isn’t room for the salad to move around and potentially have the dressing get to the lettuce.

7. Be creative with your salads.

8. When you are ready to eat, shake it up, pour it out, or eat straight from the jar. Whatever way works best for you, enjoy!

Have a Happy Healthy Day my friends … and thanks Bobby Boarder !



Ugh!  Thought I was on track correctly about my workout plan but NOPE.  I was feeling so good out on the track Tuesday morning at 6:45 that I just didn’t care about the “gee is that a pain I feel in my knee and is it spreading to my thigh” thought that went through my mind.  The cool morning air was invigorating and LOOK at ME kinda running!  Ugh!  I just kept going … Big mistake!  So my fitness goal of running a mile by December 31st … Well … I’ve still got time and gee … Maybe I need a pair of fresh shoes!  Oh wait … I have 2 pair in the closet.  Double UGH!



Fat Is Ugly


This is  really gross … One pound was bad enough but THIS is enough to push most  of us over the edge to start doing SOMEthing serious about weight loss and fighting our own obesity!  JOIN ME!



Sales and Diets


This is a great article from INC magazine about how creating a sales business (like mine) and starting a new diet/lifestyle (like mine) are similar.

WOW … interesting connection and briefly … here’s a few BAD things we tell ourselves to set ourselves up for failure.

1.  I like the goal, but I won’t do the work. (Too much effort required maybe?)

2.  That won’t work.  (Knocking it before trying it.)

3.  I know what I’m doing.  (The know-it-all mentality.)

4.  This time it’s different.  (Good reasons to fall-off plan/program.)


It’s a good article … ENJOY!



Hello WORLD!

OK … I have updated posts I have written on other sites in an effort to update you all on my progress, thoughts, and any other benefit/s derived from this BLOG.  I LUV to write, and I am committing to posting on this BLOG daily … so get ready … here we go!

I really pushed myself a bit harder with my workout  yesterday and I have to say … WOW … not sore or anything … just FEEL better … like I toned up!  HA!  Now we know we don’t tone up in one day, but … sure FEELS like it!

It’s important to do SOMEthing everyday for fitness and health benefits … what do YOU like to do?