Accepting Myself



We are who we are and we must learn to accept that!    We vary in body frame sizes, body weight, and body shape.  Oh don’t misunderstand … I am NOT suggesting that we merely sit back and sigh with “I can’t help it ….  this is who I am.”  NOPE!  We must do the best we can to be the best we can be.

My point is that I cannot change my genetic inclinations, but I might control how I look and feel somewhat by taking responsibility for my eating and exercise habits.  Now I love cookies so much so that I claim ownership to the cookie monster title!  I have had to learn self-control by telling myself it’s OK to eat 3 cookies and not the entire batch.  The same goes for vanilla cakes …. it’s OK to eat half of a tiny slice and save the second half for tomorrow.  OH let’s laugh about my chip cravings every now and then …. a plateful vs. the entire bag …. ?!?!?  HA HA!  I’ve had to learn to say NO to these temptations before me every day and yes, I can do it with presence, awareness, and determination.  As a matter of fact, I have an affirmation sign on the wall just in front of my desk that reads “Just because it’s here doesn’t’ meant I have to eat it!”

I’m convinced that if I do my best, my body will be at it’s appropriate size and condition for ME, and I must not compare myself to my skinny friends.  Are you with me as well at this point in YOUR life?

Bulimia Nervosa Looks Like THIS


The condition is marked by cycles of extreme overeating, known as bingeing, followed by purging or other behaviors to compensate for the overeating.

It is also associated with feelings of loss of control about eating.


Unlike anorexia, people with bulimia are often a normal weight. But they have the same intense fear of gaining weight and distorted body image. They see themselves as “fat” and desperately want to lose weight. Because they often feel ashamed and disgusted with themselves, people with bulimia become very good at hiding the bulimia behaviors.

Good Question


Can’t . . . or Won’t?


Good question about ANYthing that we are allowing to occupy a space in our lives that we KNOW is not good for us.

MY ANYthing is most likely not YOUR ANYthing … and rest assured … we all have SOMEthing and that SOMEthing might vary day to day based on any external stimuli … right?

Today mine was devouring almost an entire bag of vanilla Oreo cookies just because I was hungry and I could.

What’s yours?