On Loneliness


I’ve heard people talk about loneliness a lot lately ….. both men and women ….. statements like “I’m so lonely I can’t stand it” or “I’m so lonely being by myself” or “I’m so lonely without someone to love” and usually followed by tears or sobs.  Of course I have a few thoughts  about that!

First, I know folks and I used to be one ….. who are married and still complain about loneliness  so having a partner or roommate doesn’t necessarily cure the ailment!

Second, I don’t know about you, but at the end of a long workday …… coming home to peace and quiet is a welcomed gift from the craziness and stress of the world we all live in every day.  If your home isn’t your haven, what could be done to make it so ….. declutter?  New paint job? Rearrange things a bit?  Add some candles, pillows, throws?

Third, what thoughts occupy the voids in your mind when you are home alone?  Do you focus on your blessings or on your mistakes and/or misfortunes?  Do you consider solutions or do you prefer staying stuck in your own muck?

Fourth, what about hobbies and/or interests?  Go for a walk in your neighborhood and say hello to your neighbors …… maybe even make a new friend.  Do something for exercise.  Get a second job if you have too much free time on your hands.  Volunteer to help an organization that serves the elderly or needy.  Try a new recipe and invite a friend over for dinner.  Read a book or take up a new language or open your Bible.  Teach yourself to meditate.  I know you could help me think of more, ideas, right?

Fifth, opening your heart to a four-legged friend could be the best decision of your life if you go about it with the idea that it’s a forever commitment.  I’ll say it again ….. only if you’ll be the animal’s forever home!

Finally …… remember you are not alone.  As long as you are out and about every day you are always surrounded by other people.  To what extent you engage is your decision.  Don’t compare yourself to others because most people have something going on in their lives they wish wasn’t going on ….. know what I mean?  So turn your loneliness into productive time for yourself in this journey you are walking.  Being a one man/woman show usually doesn’t last forever.


Just Because!



I’ve always been a queen of just-because statements, and these are good ones too!  How about this one from Joel Osteen this morning:  “Just because our body ages doesn’t mean our thoughts and attitudes have to.”

So ….. Are you withering away as the years go by OR how do you keep yourself young at heart?

Facts vs. Emotions



As long as we have people in our lives in any capacity (and who doesn’t), drama and conflict are inevitable.  When we face relationship adversity, I can’t help but wonder if life could be so much more simple and happier if we merely remember “just stick to the facts and not to the emotions.”

How might you imagine the outcomes of any stressors in your relationships might be different if you did?