As I reflect on this holiday season and the upcoming new year, I can’t help but to also review this past year.  Not in a sense of ruminating there; just asking myself what could I have done differently.

I had a most challenging year because of that fall I took last February that took me a good 7-8 months to recover from probably because of my age.  Same for a broken finger and injured hand ….. three times as long to heal as a young person.   So I didn’t do a lot of what I wanted to do this year.

When I ponder this photo, I think that if I could accomplish number 1, number 5 will be the natural and logical consequence.  Number 1 will require tremendous courage on my part ….. courage and faith believing I would be doing what I’m supposed to do …… perhaps even following a preordained path for my life ….. ?!?

What are YOUR thoughts about how this photo strikes you?

When will you start to live differently?


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