Wonderful Seminar



What an interesting seminar this was for me to attend, and although much of the material was not totally new, it was a terrific refresher.  It made me recognize that I MUST make some positive changes for my own life regarding wellness balance.


Among many others, these 3 points hit home for me.

  1. Must not take fish oils with other medications because the oil binds itself to the medication and inhibits the drug’s absorption into the body.  I did not know this.
  2. Be willing to prune all that takes me away from my purpose and is not bearing fruit.  This means I must do some serious filtering.
  3. Islamic “just war” doctrine specifies that warfare must be defensive and must not involve targeting civilians, women, or children.  I did not know this.

Oh there is so much more that is good for all of us.  Maybe I’ll put a workshop together.