Wedding Jitters



I just heard a relationship statistic on the radio.  A new study shows that when a man has seconds thoughts about the wedding, the marriage is not affected, BUT when a woman does, the marriage has twice the risk of ending in divorce.

HMMMMMM ….. makes me recall the eve of my first marriage and how at 2 in the morning I waltzed down the stairs to where my parents and aunts and uncles were still partying the night away and announced, “I’ll be making a giant mistake if I get married to George.”  In those days, my family was a big- fat-Greek-family and everyone was going to attend.  My parents paid the tab which included a sit-down dinner and 5 piece Greek band.  To not follow through would be a megalo-dropi  (Greek for big shame), and so my family all chimed in almost simultaneously with, “Oh you are just having normal wedding day jitters.  Go back to bed and get some sleep!  You will feel differently in the morning.”  I didn’t …. feel differently, that is.  Four months later I started to hear the apologies from my family.

I’ve always advised a friend or anybody when I hear they are getting married, “If you have second thoughts the night before the wedding, don’t do it!”  I remember how my Godchild laughed when I told her that and she assured me that wouldn’t happen …. and it didn’t.  Well now I have scientific data in addition to my own experience to support my case.

Can anybody relate?

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