SO Much Better


And ready for some summer fun!


In some ways in regards to my struggles with Simvastatin, I feel like I’ve been to hell and back. I look back and in retrospect I wonder why I didn’t take myself to the ER on more than one occasion.  I know I always worry about how much medical care is going to cost because even with decent insurance, the patient responsibility is high because of outrageous medical and hospital charges. I’ve learned a good lesson and that is to always take charge of my health by doing research and not stopping until I get answers and results.  I care more about me than my physicians do at any given time.

Anyway … I’m feeling great today.  I haven’t needed to take anything for any tightness or pain in 7 days and don’t expect to any time soon!  So I’m looking forward to some summer fun, and it seems fun is falling my way!  I almost don’t know how to deal with it, and that makes me chuckle … It’s been so long that having fun is like a new gig for me, and I have a lot to relearn.

I’m happy!

De-cutter For A Clear Mind



So I’m definitely not a hoarder, or a pack rat, or a keeper of all things sentimental.  I am, however, a clutter clown!  UGH!

Every holiday break or any vacation that lasts more than 3 days brings with it the desire to de-clutter … and I do!  I just don’t understand how stuff just seems to reappear, though!  NEW stuff!  There are times I have actually experienced the “immobility” thing that goes along with too much stuff inside the house.  Eventually the task of cleaning out and sorting through begins to feel overwhelming, and then whoa … nothing gets accomplished simply because I just can’t do it.  Ever been there?

So here I am with a few weeks off work for a much needed break after all I’ve been through the past many months, and all I can think about is “get the clutter out!”  I started yesterday, and already I feel better about my domain even though only a few items are OUT!  It’s funny how to create order one must create chaos … ever notice that?  That’s where I’m at tonight, and I look forward to tomorrow feeling better about this de-cluttering thing I have going for myself.

Love an article I found on:,d.b2w&cad=rjt

The article reports that our messes lead to many types of stresses, some which include:

Mental clutter. Your mind becomes overwhelmed and your senses go into overdrive to process your surroundings.
Chronic restlessness. With an unsettled home comes unsettled emotions — your mind constantly short-circuits because you feel like your work will never be “done.”
Distraction. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you might find yourself weighed down with feelings of guilt about your home not looking the way it “should.”
Wasted time. When your home isn’t in order, your frustration level soars when you can’t find simple, everyday items crucial to your well-being.

I can relate to all of these, and by the end of this week my goal is to feel clutter-free in my mind which will be evidenced by greater productivity in all areas of my life.  What say you?  Want to join me on THIS challenge?