Avoid Regrets



My cousin Nick and I are truly saddened by the passing of our Uncle George who lived 90 years … So why are we having such a hard time processing this loss?  It’s because we put off being in closer touch for so long!  Not only that, when I spoke to my Aunt yesterday, she told me, “You know, Yiota, just not long ago we were talking about you and said we should call you but we didn’t.  I remember thinking I’ll call tomorrow, and now tomorrow is gone for your Uncle George.”  As for me, I had never told him he was my male role model growing up in Chicago and yes … Uncle George was a high school guidance counselor!

Funny how days turn into weeks that turn into months and into years, and then the years turn into decades until eventually a lifetime has literally passed. It’s sad, and I know we all do it.

Lets NOT!  Call someone you love and haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them so. Do it NOW!

(LUV you Lynne!)

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