Salad In A Jar



1.Use a glass mason jar.

2. You must layer your salad in a specific order – dressing at the bottom, followed by veggies and other heavy foods and finish with the lettuce.

3. It’s not recommended to add the croutons to the jar as they may get soggy (keep in a separate plastic bag or container and add at the time of eating your salad)

4. Lettuce shouldn’t actually touch the dressing in the jar.

5. Heaviest foods at the bottom.

6. You want to pack the jar contents in tight so that there isn’t room for the salad to move around and potentially have the dressing get to the lettuce.

7. Be creative with your salads.

8. When you are ready to eat, shake it up, pour it out, or eat straight from the jar. Whatever way works best for you, enjoy!

Have a Happy Healthy Day my friends … and thanks Bobby Boarder !

2 thoughts on “Salad In A Jar

    • Believe it or not … this is the first I’ve heard about these salads. Now I’m having fun although mine are still basic at best because that’s just who I am … keeping it EASY! Thanks for commenting!


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